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  • Blind Threaded Rivets

    ProSert® XTN20 the Next Generation
    High speed blind rivet nut tool with flexible pull-to-stroke & pull-to-force setting

    The combined world-class innovations from POP Avdel® created a high speed, lightweight tool with great strength, endurance, excellent ergonomics and optimal flexibility-responding to the latest and highest standards in tool manufacturing.

  • Avdel® - Installation Equipment - Power Tools for Threaded Inserts

    High-speed threaded insert tool ideal for batch or flow-line assembly in a variety of applications.

    The Avdel® 74200 model is a lightweight ergonomic tool for placement of a wide range of threaded inserts. It features a one step trigger for simplicity and ease of use whilst the tough plastic body makes this tool capable of withstanding the toughest of production lines. The 74200 can be suspended or used as a hand tool, allowing maximum installations to minimize your installation costs.

  • 74290 Model Hydro-Pneumatic Tools for Hexagonal Hole Production
  • 74401 Model High-Speed Threaded Inserters

    High-speed threaded insert tool with separated intensifier ideal for batch or flow-line assembly in a variety of applications.

    The Avdel® 74401 tool is a hydro pneumatic 'spin-pull' hand-tool creating a high pull force enabling the fitting of a variety of Avdel® threaded inserts. This method of fitting reduces the wear on the drive screw. The 74401's compact and ergonomic design has a long life span with low maintenance requirements.

  • 74405 Model Hydro-Pneumatic Inserters

    Hydro-pneumatic tool with separated intensifier for placing of Versa-Nut® threaded inserts.

    A high performance hydro-pneumatic power tool designed for installing large diameter threaded inserts and/or inserts requiring more setting stroke. This tool offers a greater amount of power and stroke, whilst maintaining lightweight and ergonomic features as a result of the split intensifier.

  • HTI 500 Suspended Vertical Inserters for Blind Threaded Inserts

    The blind insert tool HTI 500 has been specifically designed for vertical down applications. It is a hydraulically operated tool for smooth and reliable installation of threaded inserts to provide load bearing threads in thin sheet materials. The pneumatic control and the pneumatic hydraulic pressure intensifier are installed in a separate switchbox. The trigger is integrated in the ergonomic handhold at the equipment barrel. The left hand motion for reversing of the drive screw can be operated separately by an additional switch.

AztechDelta PT
SEMSTaptite 2000