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    Blind Rivets - Advantages of "Blind"  POP® Rivets
    The ability to set POP rivets without the need for access at the back of the work makes their use mandatory in many instances. However, their many additional advantages make POP rivets the logical choice in numerous applications where the blind rivet setting feature is not of primary importance, such as:

    • Low in-place costs
    • Fast assembly
    • Low-cost, lightweight, easily portable tools
    • Vibration-proof assembly
    • No surface marring
    • Exceptional versatility
    • High grip and pull-up strengths
    • Tamperproof
    • Increased design flexibility

    How do you fasten something when you do not have access to the back of the item you are fastening to?

    Sometimes you just cannot reach, or it is hidden under machinery and simply un accessible.

    Blind Rivets

    Blind Rivets are multi-piece rivet assemblies, capable of being installed from one side of the work piece. Traditionally, blind rivets were used on aircraft leading edges, trailing edges, and close out areas which are limited to access to one side of the structure.  Current blind rivet usage has expanded to many additional areas of the aircraft in an effort to decrease labor expense and to address the ergonomic issues of solid riveting.

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