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  • Lockbolt Systems

    High-strength, steel fastener and shell designed for joining composite panels to metal.

    With a high shear strength due to the internally locked stem the Avtainer® fastener creates a vibration resistant joint whilst the underhead Santoprene™ seal creates a watertight joint.

  • Avbolt® Heavy-Duty Lockbolt Pins

    The Avdel® Avbolt® heavy-duty fastener is a structural blind fastener with high strength, and tamper resistance. Designed for use in heavy-duty fastening applications such as construction, container, railway, mining and bridge building.

  • Avdelok® XT Heavy-Duty Two-Piece Lockbolt Pins

    Avdel®'s new Avdelok® XT (formerly Infalok) large diameter lockbolts (Ø 12.7 mm - 28.6 mm) are heavy duty, two-piece fasteners designed to provide a high strength and secure assembly. Quick and simple to place they provide a long lasting, vibration proof joint. Avdelok® XT lockbolts are the ideal solution where welding, threaded fasteners or solid rivets are not suitable or practical to use.

  • Avdelok® High-Strength Vibration Resistant Lockbolt Pins

    The Avdel® Avdelok® lockbolt is a high strength, vibration resistant lockbolt with high, controlled clamp. The Avdelok® system offers high shear strength and wide selection of materials, head sizes and collar options giving this rivet an extensive variety of applications.

    The Avdelok® structural lockbolt is quick to install and easy to inspect for tampering, making this the ideal rivet for heavy engineering applications.

  • Maxlok® High Strength, Vibration Resistant Lockbolt Pins

    High strength, vibration resistant lockbolts with multi-grip capability.

    The Avdel® Maxlok® lockbolt is a high strength, vibration resistant lockbolt with multi-grip capability. The wide grip range of the Maxlok® lockbolt enables usage in a variety of situations reducing inventory and simplifying stock control. The high shear strength and superior, controlled clamp means the Maxlok® lockbolt is ideal for high strength assembly. With quick installation and easy inspection this two-piece rivet is versatile and secure.

  • NeoBolt® Non-Breakstem Lockbolt Pins

    NeoBolt® is a non-breakstem steel lockbolt fastening system designed for use in heavy-duty structural applications. The pin doesn't break when the fastener is installed. The two-piece fasteners, designed by STANLEY Engineered Fastening®, feature unique design characteristics such as annular locking grooves for unmatched vibration resistance, fatigue performance and avoidance of loosening by unscrewing.

    The NeoBolt® program comprises a wide range of fastener diameters and lengths. Existing, well-proven Avdel® placing tools are adapted specifically to suit the full range of NeoBolt® sizes.

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