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OEM Fastening Systems | Special Components & Fastening Systems
  • Magtite Thread Cutting Screws for Magnesium

    MAGTITE® fasteners tap and fasten in a single operation, eliminating a costly secondary tapping operation.

    Magnesium is a light weight non-ductile material which is prone to galling, cracking or tearing when a traditional thread forming fasteners are utilized to tap a secure thread.

    The MAGTITE® fastener has consistent lead threads allowing an easy start feature and a thread form which compresses the material promoting significant resistance to vibration loosening.

  • Octolok® Staking Fasteners

    Octolok® studs and nuts are Grade strength fasteners designed to provide external or internal threads in the most demanding applications including light gauge sheet materials.

    Octolok® fasteners improve quality & reliability, simplify production processes and reduce the cost of assembly. Octolok® fasteners can replace weld-studs and eliminate painting/plating costs.

AztechDelta PT
SEMSTaptite 2000