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OEM Fastening Systems | Special Components & Fastening Systems
  • POP® Open-End Rivets

    • Strong, low cost fastenings.
    • Ideal for wide range of applications.
    • Versatile for general fastening needs.
    • Available in a range of sizes and materials.

  • POP® Easy Entry® Rivets

    • Aligns odd shaped and misaligned holes with a unique mandrel head design.
    • Large expansion capabilities for strong, tight fit.
    • Increases productivity while reducing assembly time.

  • POP® Soft Set Rivets

    • Designed for soft or brittle materials.
    • 1100 Aluminum Alloy.
    • Low clamping force.
    • Available in 3/32" thru 3/16".
    • Low cost.

  • POP® Multi-Grip® Rivets

    • Accomodates oversized and irregular sized holes.
    • Vibration and moisture resistant.
    • Wide grip range.
    • Reduces inventory.

  • POP® Plus - Large Secondary Head

    • Splits to provide large secondary bearing surface.
    • Will not crack soft or brittle material.
    • Eliminates need for backup washer.

  • POP® Closed-End Rivets

    • Seals out moisture, air and other contaminants.
    • Higher tensile and shear strength than the equivalent open end rivet.
    • 100% mandrel head retention guaranteed.

  • POP® T Rivet® Rivets

    • Provides large secondary bearing surface.
    • Flush break feature provides high shear and tensile strength.
    • Exceptional pull-up/clamp-up properties.

  • POP® Ultra Grip® Rivets

    • High shear & tensile strength.
    • Superior holding power (clamp up).
    • Fastens over wide grip range.
    • Locking feature prevents loosening of mandrel from vibration.

  • POP® High Retention Rivets

    • Excellent mandrel retention
    • Excellent rattle resistance
    • Consistent and stable clamp force
    • Increased secondary side expansion
    • Meets QS9001; RoHS Compliant 2006

  • POP® Pull-Thru (PT)

    Features & Benefits: • Double Flush* Set ¦ Flush Set on both sides for double countersunk materials ¦ Insertion can be reversed improving rivet tool access • Unique “Pull-Thru” Mandrel ¦ No mandrel heads remain anywhere in the application ¦ Consistent clamp force ¦ Tight radial set provides increased structural rigidity • High Speed Automation ¦ POP Rivet Presenter facilitates a cycle time as fast as 2 seconds. • Colored Mandrels ¦ Quick visual identification of different part sizes

AztechDelta PT
SEMSTaptite 2000