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  • POP® Jack Nut® Threaded Inserts

    The JACK NUT® threaded insert is an economical blind fastener designed for assembly-line use in thin, soft, or brittle materials. When tightened, the body collapses to form four legs which grip the inside of the mounting surface, leaving a permanent, reusable threaded insert.

    Available in steel and brass, it can be coated with RAINTITE® to seal moisture and hard plastic PVC to prevent scratching and galvanic corrosion.

    JACK NUT® Threaded Inserts are RoHS, ELoV and WEEE compliant.


    • Fastens in blind holes.
    • Won't distort or deform soft plastics or thin sheet metals.
    • Fast, inexpensive and easy to use.
    • Not hole-size sensitive.
    • Fastens securely despite burrs or uneven substrate.
    • Available with 'Plastisol' coating for sealing purposes.
    • Suitable for a wide grip range.
    • Can be set with manual or pneumatic tools.
    • Removable.

    How They Work

    1. Thread JACK NUT® Insert onto mandrel of installation tool, then insert all the way into predrilled
      hole until flange is firmly against the mounting surface.
    2. Fully collapse insert, then remove installation tool.
    3. Pass machine screw through part to be fastened, then tighten until snug.


  • POP® Jack Nut® Tools
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