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For Avdel® Speed Fasteners

This tool can place the entire range of Avdel® Speed Fastening® Systems and is used for "Top-Down" riveting requirements. The benefit: easy tool handling, and fatigue-proof operation. Due to the linear guidance the rivet cannot jam in the component. This tool is mainly used in a seated work position and only requires compressed air supply.
Unit of Measure


Operating Radius

N/A 240 to 600 mm

Pull-Out Length

N/A 260 mm

Height of Post

N/A 1.15 m

Hose Length

N/A 3.0 m

Pull Force at 5.5 bar

N/A 3.9 kN

Approximate Cycle Time

N/A 1.0 sec

Air Supply Pressure

N/A 5 to 7 bar

Air Consumption at 5.5 bar (Free Air/Sets)

N/A 5.7 L

Avdel® Speed Fastener Placing Capability (Diameter)

N/A 2.4 to 6.4 mm


N/A Avdel®



  • Smooth and reliable riveting
  • Simple positioning of the rivet equipment
  • Quick and easy equipment handling
  • Ergonomic handling for vertical processing positions

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Rapid assembly makes it cost-effective, even with small batch sizes. Simple to operate, high mobility and easy integration into the production process are the main features. Time-consuming training of an operator is not necessary. The hydraulic riveting unit provides a smooth riveting, ideal for sensitive components.
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