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ProSert® XTN20 the Next Generation
High speed blind rivet nut tool with flexible pull-to-stroke & pull-to-force setting

The combined world-class innovations from POP Avdel® created a high speed, lightweight tool with great strength, endurance, excellent ergonomics and optimal flexibility-responding to the latest and highest standards in tool manufacturing.
Unit of Measure


Pull Force at 5 bar

N/A 17.65 kN3968 lbf

Air Supply Pressure

N/A 5 to 7 bar72.5 to 101.5 lbf/in²

Piston Stroke

N/A 3 to 7 mm0.118 to 0.275 in

Noise Level

N/A <75 dBA
Weight1 N/A 1.59 kg3.50 lb
Cycle Time2 N/A < 1.5 sec

Placing Capability

N/A Blind Rivet Nuts M3 to M10


N/A Avdel®

Riveter Type

N/A Blind Rivet

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features and Benefits

  • Flexible operation in both pull-to-force or pull-to-stroke modes
  • High force-to-weight ratio of 11.1 kN/kg
  • Durable high-strength installation mandrels as standard
  • Long lasting hydraulic lip seals maximize re-priming intervals
  • Convenient reverse spin-out button
  • Easy to use patented, tool free, quick installation mandrel system

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Patented dual operating mode technology ensures enhanced productivity, improving your return on investment with the lowest installation cost per fastener.
  • 1 Including Nose Equipment
  • 2 Per Complete Setting
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