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H Series tapered threaded inserts for plastics outperform all competitive inserts for ultrasonic and thermal installation into thermoplastic or structural foam. Our customers confirm it.

We've eliminated the outward stress that occurs with other insert designs during the installation process. Our proprietary "knuckle knurl" ensures a more uniform flow of material into the diagonal knurls and undercuts, ensuring a complete fill, reducing installation time and increasing holding strengths. The tapered insert design makes alignment faster and more accurate, reducing installation time.
Unit of Measure


Thread Size

N/A 5-40

Thread Type

N/A Inch

Tolerance for A (Long)

N/A ±0.004 in

B (Short)

N/A 0.15 in

Tolerance for B (Short)

N/A ±0.004 in


N/A 0.203 in

Tolerance for C

N/A ±0.004 in


N/A 0.219 in

Tolerance for D

N/A ±0.004 in


N/A 0.206 in

Tolerance for E

N/A +0.002 in0.000 in


N/A 0.199 in

Tolerance for F

N/A +0.002 in0.000 in

Minimum Boss

N/A 0.412

Industry Standards/Certifications

N/A ANAB Accredited ISO 9001 RoHS Compliant
AztechDelta PT
SEMSTaptite 2000