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Say goodbye to expensive part orientation high-volume feeding mechanisms. Our symmetrical threaded inserts for plastic can be installed either end first for faster installation (using ultrasonic or thermal equipment) and lower costs.

By decreasing outward hoop stress, symmetrical threaded inserts decrease cycle times. Their proportionally engineered design ensures that the displaced material is encapsulated by knurls and undercuts. They are designed for straight hole applications and are ideal for thin-wall applications because little stress is applied to the walls of the part.
Unit of Measure


Thread Size

N/A 2-56


N/A Inch

Dimension A

N/A 0.123 in

Tolerance for A

N/A ±0.004 in

Dimension B

N/A 0.157 in

Tolerance for B

N/A ±0.004 in

Dimension C

N/A 0.138 in

Tolerance for C

N/A ±0.004 in

Hole Size (H)

N/A 0.126 in

Tolerance for Hole Size (H)

N/A +0.003 in-0.000 in

Minimum Boss

N/A 0.252 in

Designed For

N/A Stainless Steel

Industry Standards/Certifications

N/A NQA ISO 9001 ANAB Accredited RoHS Compliant



N/A Stainless Steel Symmetrical Inserts - Class 3A/4H screw must pass with finger torque, standard class go gage may stop on last thread.

Quality Inserts.
Made in America.
AztechDelta PT
SEMSTaptite 2000