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OEM Fastening Systems | Special Components & Fastening Systems
We are an innovator in fastening systems through continuing research and investment in new technology, unsurpassed expertise and strict attention to detail. We manufacture the high quality, cost-efficient components your applications demand.
Unit of Measure


Thread Size

N/A M0.5 (#0000) - M38 (1 1/2)

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features and Benefits

  • Large head-to-shank ratios possible
  • Uninterrupted grain flow
  • Parts can be formed to net or near-net shape, which requires fewer secondary operations to achieve the final shape
  • Improved strength and reliability through work hardening and an uninterrupted grain flow
  • Improved surface finish over screw-machined components
  • Reduced scrap rates
  • High production rates
  • Increased strength and lowered costs over screw machined components
AztechDelta PT
SEMSTaptite 2000