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Octolok® studs and nuts are Grade strength fasteners designed to provide external or internal threads in the most demanding applications including light gauge sheet materials.

Octolok® fasteners improve quality & reliability, simplify production processes and reduce the cost of assembly. Octolok® fasteners can replace weld-studs and eliminate painting/plating costs.
Unit of Measure



N/A Nuts Studs

Stud Thread Size (Metric)

N/A M4 to M12

Stud Thread Size (Imperial)

N/A #8 - 1/2

Thread Type

N/A External Internal

Hole Type

N/A Drilled Pre-Punched

Industry Standards/Certifications



N/A Octolok® iForm®

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features and Benefits

  • Octolok® 8 lobe symmetrical configuration
    • Superior torque-to-turn & vibration resistance
    • Increased push-out value performance
    • Utilize existing 6 lobe clinch stud press/tooling
  • Installation can be automated
    • High speed installation reduces assembly cost
  • Heat treated to SAE standard/ISO class
    • High strength can allow reduction in fastener diameter for lower cost assembly
  • Available in imperial and metric sizes
    • Suitable for all markets - manufactured to customer requirements
  • Available in assorted coatings/finishes
    • Ready to use, no re-plating or painting required

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Octolok® fasteners are placed into drilled or pre-punched holes of a specific diameter recommended for each size fastener. A press applied force drives the 8 lobe forming feature into the application material forcing the material to flow into the fastener retention groove delivering excellent torque-to-turn performance whilst the retaining ring provides superior push-out values. Octolok® fasteners can be placed manually one at a time or the assembly process can be automated.
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