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OEM Fastening Systems | Special Components & Fastening Systems
Features & Benefits: • Double Flush* Set ¦ Flush Set on both sides for double countersunk materials ¦ Insertion can be reversed improving rivet tool access • Unique “Pull-Thru” Mandrel ¦ No mandrel heads remain anywhere in the application ¦ Consistent clamp force ¦ Tight radial set provides increased structural rigidity • High Speed Automation ¦ POP Rivet Presenter facilitates a cycle time as fast as 2 seconds. • Colored Mandrels ¦ Quick visual identification of different part sizes

Nominal Rivet Diameter

N/A .118

Nominal Rivet Body Length

N/A .189

Nominal Blind Side Protrusion

N/A .283

Grip Range

N/A .157-.177

Color Identification

N/A Copper

Hole Size

N/A .129-.134 in.

Flange Thickness

N/A .030-.039

Flange Diameter

N/A .193-.216

Nominal Shear Strength

N/A 180

Nominal Tensile Strength

N/A 157
AztechDelta PT
SEMSTaptite 2000