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A U-NUT is a threaded fastener with a side profile generally in the shape of a "U" with the lower leg having a locating retainer. These parts are available in a wide range of thread sizes either single or multi-thread.

Advantages of a U-NUT

  • Single piece construction from high carbon spring steel prevents separation of threaded nut from retainer legs.
  • Austempered generally in a range of H"V"446-513 (Rockwell 45-50).
  • Self retaining feature allows for one hand assembly.
  • Free floating characteristics allow self alignment with bolt.
  • Lighter, stronger, more reliable, less expensive than other types of fasteners.
  • Provided in sizes 4mm-12mm. English unit also available.
  • Prevailing torque (locking feature) can be incorporated into the threaded sleeve.
  • Can be used on plastic panels.
  • Performance Class 9 is standard with Class 10 availability.
Unit of Measure
Aztech Delta PT
SEMSTaptite 2000