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Genesis® nG Power Tool Range

Avdel®'s Genesis® nG tool range comprises of high performance, lightweight hydro-pneumatic hand tools for breakstem rivets. The tough ergonomic construction allows for swift placement whilst the light design reduces operator fatigue. With an increased lifespan and low air consumption the nGenesis® tool range is fast becoming an invaluable tool in every assembly line.
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Item #

Item Name

Weight without Nose Equipment

Minimum Weight with Equipment

Pull Force at 5.5 bar

Minimum Stroke

Genesis® nG1 N/A Genesis® nG1 Riveter N/A 1.50 kg3.31 lb N/A 1.70 kg3.75 lb N/A 6.0 kN1350 lbf N/A 14 mm0.55 in
Genesis® nG2 N/A Genesis® nG2 Riveter N/A 1.98 kg4.37 lb N/A 2.1 kg4.5 lb N/A 9.34 kN2100 lbf N/A 17 mm0.67 in
Genesis® nG2-S N/A Genesis® nG2-S Riveter N/A N/A N/A 10.88 kN N/A 17 mm
Genesis® nG3 N/A Genesis® nG3 Riveter N/A 2.25 kg4.95 lb N/A 2.3 kg5.1 lb N/A 12.9 kN2900 lbf N/A 26 mm1.02 in
Genesis® nG4 N/A Genesis® nG4 Riveter N/A 2.28 kg5.03 lb N/A 2.3 kg4.95 lb N/A 18.68 kN4200 lbf N/A 17 mm0.67 in
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