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  • POP NUT™ Blind Rivet Nuts

    POP NUT™ Blind Rivet Nuts

    POP NUT Blind Rivet Nuts provide the quick and easy answer for all types of application where components are fixed to sheet or tubular materials.

    Whether it's a rear view mirror or a hinge, a foot on a refrigerator or a cleat on a mast, the POP NUT™ ensures a strong anchorage with six threads.


    POP NUT™ brand blind rivet nuts are internally threaded rivets that can be installed into sheet-metal, tubing, extrusions, and plastics.

    • The POP NUT TL Round Knurled body flat head provides excellent spin out resistance in round drilled, punched or molded holes.
    • The POP NUT TK Round body thin head allows the mating part to install nearly flush without a recess or dimple.
    • The POP NUT TH Hex Body provides excellent spin out in hex punched, laser cut or molded holes.

    POP NUT™ brand blind rivet nuts offer various in place cost saving advantages.

    • POP NUT can be installed blind using hand held or fully automated tool systems.
    • POP NUT can be installed before or after paint as the installation tool and process will not damage the finish on the parent material.
    • POP NUT can be installed into materials as thin as .020” (0.5mm)
    • POP NUT can be installed into galvanized or pre-painted materials without damage to the finish.
    • POP NUT can be installed with 100% assurance and accuracy of count with the POP NUT SmartSet tool system.
    • POP NUT installation time is 4-6 seconds for a human and 2-3 seconds for automation feeding, pick up and installation.

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