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  • Avdel® Rivet Tools

    New range of robust and durable installation tools designed for high speed installation of larger diameter lockbolts.

    Large diameter Avdelok® XT and NeoBolt® lockbolts, as well as Avbolt® fasteners can be placed securely in seconds with this new range of robust and durable installation tools and pumps, designed for a long working life in extreme conditions. Avdel®'s 734 tool range is the ideal tool on any busy production line. The system consists of four separate parts: placing tool, easy-to-change nose equipment, pump unit and hose.

  • 7287 Model Hydro-Pneumatic Tools

    A hydro-pneumatic tool designed to place lockbolt and breakstem fasteners at high speed.

    The 7287 is able to place heavy-duty rivets with just one press of the trigger. With an extended stroke and a quick cycle time this tool combines speed and power making it the ideal tool for batch and line production.

  • eRiv® b10 Model Battery Powered Riveters

    Battery powered Tool for Breakstem Fasteners.

    The Avdel® eRiv® battery tool combines lightweight with robust construction to provide dependable riveting in all situations and locations - 100 % portable riveting.

  • Genesis® G2 LB 71255 Model Lightweight Tools for Placing Avdel® Lockbolts

    The Avdel® Genesis® G2 LB (71255 model) is a lightweight tool for placing Avdelok® lockbolts 4.8 mm and 6.4 mm (3/16" and 1/4") and Maxlok® lockbolts 4.8 mm (3/16") at high speed making it ideal for batch or flow-line assembly.

  • 73200 Model Hydro-Pneumatic Fastening Hand Tools

    New hydro-pneumatic handtool for lockbolts.

    Featuring an innovative new hydraulic design and using the latest sealing and guiding technology, this new tool delivers unmatched fastening efficiency and dependability.

  • Suspended Tool HTB 500 Vertical Riveters

    Vertical riveting tool for breakstem rivets.

    The breakstem rivet tool HTB 500 has been specifically designed for vertical down riveting. It is a hydraulically operated installation equipment for soft and reliable riveting. The pneumatic control and the pneumatic-hydraulic pressure intensifier, as well as the remote rivet stem collector are mounted in a separate supply unit. The trigger is integrated in the ergonomic handle at the barrel.

  • Automation Equipment for Breakstem Fastener and Sealing Plug
  • Genesis® nG Series Riveters

    Genesis® nG Power Tool Range

    Avdel®'s Genesis® nG tool range comprises of high performance, lightweight hydro-pneumatic hand tools for breakstem rivets. The tough ergonomic construction allows for swift placement whilst the light design reduces operator fatigue. With an increased lifespan and low air consumption the nGenesis® tool range is fast becoming an invaluable tool in every assembly line.

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