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  • Atlas Installation Tools for Blind Rivnuts

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  • Avdel®

    Engineered Fastening Innovation

    Avdel has been a technology leader for more than 75 years and our range of blind fasteners and tooling is one of the widest in the market:

    • Speed Fastening® Systems
    • Breakstem Systems
    • Lockbolt Systems
    • Blind Threaded Inserts
    • Pierce Rivet Fastening Systems
    • Sealing Plugs
    • Installation Equipment and Assembly Stations

    Avdel is a global organisation offering expertise and know-how at a local level. The aim is to have a better understanding of our customers' needs and wants while developing strong business partnerships that lead to hand-in-hand growth and success. Quality, Innovation and Expertise are the 'buzz words' in the organisation and we aim to deliver all three as part of our total solution philosophy. To achieve this we are going to great lengths to continuously improve our levels of customer service, on-time delivery and quality performance and procedures. In parallel to our continuous improvement approach, greater levels of resource and dedication are now focused on identifying new and improved products for our customers. We are committed to developing new fastening solutions and bringing them to market faster by utilising the wealth of experience in our personnel and maximising output and profitability for our customers.

  • Aztech LockNuts
  • POP


    The pop in POP® Rivets

    POP rivets are used in a numerous applications to secure two or more components together.  Typically used in sheet type products, the POP rivet is easily installed with access only required from one side of the assembly.

    • Blind Fasteners & Rivets
    • Well-Nuts
    • Jack Nuts
    • Tools

AztechDelta PT
SEMSTaptite 2000