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  • POP® Rivet Tools

    Power Tools

    With lightweight polymer construction and a high force-to-weight ratio, POP ProSet Rivet tools keep your production lines running at full speed while providing all necessary ergonomic benefits. 

    The POP Power Tool line also includes the PB2500 battery-powered tool, the versatile MCS5250 In-Line tool, and the PRG510 and 540 range of pneumatic tools.

  • POP® Rivet Tool Nosepiece, Jaws, and Jaw Pusher Selection Guide
  • POPSet™ Manual Rivet Tool Series

    POPSet™ Manual Rivet Tool Series

    The NEW series of POP® manually operated tools are ideal for a wide range of applications - including Maintenance & Repair, Roofing & Flashing, Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Sheet Metal Construction.

    All POP® Rivet Hand Tool models have been designed to offer the user the best features available in the market today. These tools offer quality, durability and reliability that is expected from Genuine POP® Rivet Tools. 

AztechDelta PT
SEMSTaptite 2000