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OEM Fastening Systems | Special Components & Fastening Systems
  • Bolt and Sleeve Anchors

    The bolt and sleeve assembly maximizes performance in joints that must accommodate expansion and contraction due to creep and in-service load relaxation.

    Thermal expansion, creep and material relaxation cause application materials to expand or contract. These dimensional changes can result in the loss of clamp in the joint members. A fastener that can accommodate these changes while maintaining the integrity of the application is needed.

  • Screw-Bolts

    High strength, removable and reusable steel nuts and bolts designed to join glass reinforced plastic composite panels.

    Camtainer® nuts and bolts are a versatile family of unique fasteners that provide positive sealing, tamper resistance, protection against corrosion and leakage and one-man installation with simple, low cost tools.

  • Threaded Inserts for Plastic
  • Concrete Screw Anchors

    Concrete screw anchors are an alternative to traditional toggle anchors or chemical anchors. The mechanical Interlock® of the screw greatly reduces potential concrete cracking as it is not relying on radial expansion.

    Applications include attachment of components to railway ties/sleepers, fixing of services in tunnels and general trackside infrastructure.

  • Crimptite® Sheet Metal Screws

    For unmatched performance against strip-out and vibration loosening in sheet metal applications, you can rely on Crimptite sheet metal screws by iForm®. Even after removal and reinsertion, they maintain their strong holding power for more solid assemblies and greater integrity in the finished product.

  • DELTA PT® Thread Forming/Cutting Screws

    Thread forming screws engineered to create optimal material flow during installation, resulting in better clamp loads and increased joint life in a wide range of plastic materials. DELTA PT® fasteners are engineered to provide maximum performance in a wide range of thermoplastics. The improved design results in a stronger fastener that creates optimal material flow during installation, providing higher performance, better clamp loads and increased joint life.

  • DST (Dual-Spaced Threads) Thread Forming Screws

    DST (dual-spaced threads) thread forming screws allow increased thread engagement in softer thermoplastics.

    The high thread height and wide thread spacing of the DST (Dual-Spaced Thread) fastener allows increased thread engagement in softer thermoplastics, increasing resistance to pull-out and improving product performance.

  • Duro PT® Thread Cutting Screws

    The Duro PT® thread cutting screws are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of thermoset plastics, easing assembly and ensuring a strong, reliable joint to maximize assembly performance.

  • FASTITE® 2000™ Thread-Rolling Screws for Sheet Metal

    FASTITE® 2000™ fasteners feature a thread-forming design created to deliver cost-effective and optimum joint performance in sheet metal applications as thin as 0.7 mm (0.028 in.) This unique design employs many of the design innovations for high-performance thread-rolling fasteners featured in TAPTITE 2000® fasteners.

  • High-Strength Fasteners

    We are a manufacturer and supplier of High Strength / Grade / Property Class fasteners to the Global Industrial and Automotive market places for demanding applications such as drive train, engines and safety related components.

    Product strength levels range from property class 8.8 to 12.9 and are manufactured to perform in the most demanding temperature extremes and through punishing life-cycle tests ensuring predictable reliability.

  • Machine Screws
  • Mag-Form®

    Standard thread-forming screws with a 60° flank angle create excess debris when driven into low-ductile materials. They can easily exceed the ductility limits of the material, causing damage to the formed threads.

    MAG-FORM® screws are specifically designed with a broader flank angle to eliminate tapping operations while forming strong threads in conventional magnesium die-castings and similar materials. The design also minimizes debris, making MAG-FORM® fasteners the optimal solution for critical applications such as electronics and air bag modules.

  • Magtite Thread Cutting Screws for Magnesium
  • Panel Fasteners

    Where removability is required for panel assemblies on Networking/Telecommunications and Server products, insist on our Panel Fasteners.

    Materials available include low carbon and stainless steel.

    Many standard sizes available.


    The PLASTITE® 45 screw is designed to facilitate thread-forming in less-compressible plastics while providing high resistance to strip-out and pull-out. It has smaller root and major diameters than a 48º PLASTITE®, so it can be used in smaller bosses.

  • PLASTITE® 48 Screws

    The PLASTITE® 48 screw combines a unique TRILOBULAR™ body with a 48º thread profile to maximize performance and reliability. Two thread-forming styles are available to meet the specific requirements of a wide range of thermoplastics.

  • PlasTORX® Studs

    Developed to be molded into plastic and replace metal stamping and fastener assemblies, PlasTORX® studs are engineered to provide high resistance to rotation and pull-out, ensuring a high-performance assembly. Its hex-lobular design helps reduce stress risers, so it can be used in materials susceptible to cracking or breaking.

  • POWERGRIP® Fasteners

    Ideal for attaching soft materials, such as plastics and elastomers, to a single thickness of sheet metal, POWERGRIP fasteners maintain the integrity of the soft material while providing resistance to strip-out and loosening.

  • PT® Thread-Forming Screws for Thermoplastics

    With a high thread profile and recessed thread root, the PT screw provides increased thread engagement with minimal stress on the boss. It provides optimal performance in a wide range of thermoplastics.

  • Pushtite® Screws

    The Pushtite® screw combines a unique tri-lobular body with a barbed thread profile to provide tool-less installation yet allow easy removal for greater serviceability.

  • Railway Screw Spikes

    Railway screw spikes provide a mechanical interlock that delivers more than twice the holding power of conventional hammered railway spikes.

    Screw spikes are commonly used to fasten timber railway ties/sleepers; however, they can also be used in conjunction with plastic ferrules that have been cast into concrete ties/sleepers.

    Various thread profiles, lengths, diameters and drive heads are available to suit specific geographic requirements and we can help with product specification and selection.

  • REMFORM® Screws

    REMFORM® fasteners unique thread form provides superior performance in today's wide range of plastics.

    The REMFORM® Screw is a thread rolling fastener with a unique thread form to provide superior performance in today’s wide range of plastics. The asymmetrical thread minimizes radial hoop stress to reduce boss bursting. The narrow tip angle also reduces stress in the plastic nut member.

  • SEMS Fastener
  • TAPTITE 2000® Thread Cutting Screws

    TAPTITE 2000® fasteners are high performance thread rolling screws specially designed to lower your in-place fastening costs.

    TAPTITE 2000® screws form internal threads into plain holes in ductile materials upon initial installation, which:

    • Eliminates the need to pre-tap the nut member.
    • Reduces problems associated with assembling screws and bolts into pre-tapped holes, such as cross-threading.

AztechDelta PT
SEMSTaptite 2000