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Battery powered Tool for Breakstem Fasteners.

The Avdel® eRiv® battery tool combines lightweight with robust construction to provide dependable riveting in all situations and locations - 100 % portable riveting.
Unit of Measure


Weight1 N/A 1.59 kg

Pull Force

N/A 9.0 kN

Minimum Stroke

N/A 21 mm

Approximate Cycle Time at Full Stroke

N/A 2 sec

Noise Level

N/A 78.8 dBA


N/A < 2.5 m/s²

Li-ion Battery Voltage

N/A 14.4 V

Charge Time

N/A 60 min

1.5 A·h Battery Weight (Standard)

N/A 0.33 kg

3.0 A·h Battery Weight (Accessory)

N/A 0.55 kg

Breakstem Rivets Diameter Placing Capability

N/A Up to 5.0 mm


N/A Avdel®

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features and Benefits

  • Balanced ergonomic design - comfortable to hold, reducing operator fatigue
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery - for extended endurance
  • Tapered nose equipment - improves access
  • Stem retaining feature - holds rivet when using tool in a 'nose down' position
  • Includes 3 commonly used nose tips - places a wide range of breakstem rivet sizes
  • Light trigger operation - reduces operator fatigue
  • Advanced electrical circuit - increased motor life, increased number of fasteners placed per charge
  • Quick-release stem collector - easy operation, reduced time to empty collector

Standard Tool Kit

Standard Tool Kit

N/A The standard tool kit consists of:
  • Battery powered tool
  • Nose assembly and three nose tips
  • Battery and charger
These are housed in a durable storage case.
  • 1 Without Battery
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